This site was created for Ewa Miernowska by Steve Krause during the summer of 1999. For questions about the content of this site, please contact Ewa Miernowska. Technical questions (broken links, etc.) can be directed to Steve Krause.

In order to incorporate Polish-specific characters into this site, the ISO-8859-2 (Latin 2, or Central European) UTF-8 (Unicode, May 2007) characterset was chosen. The encoding chosen may not work with all browsers; for the time being, visitors to the site are encouraged to use Netscape Navigator on a Windows 95/98/NT computer.

This site was composed in Notepad+ by Rogier Meurs, with graphics edited in PaintShop Pro by Jasc Software. In order to provide the quickest load-times and the easiest to navigate format, the general template for individual pages has been kept clean and uncluttered by unnecessary graphics. High-bandwidth photos and other graphics have been limited to relevant sections. (Unicode functionality/conversion done with Dreamweaver MX 2004 in May 2007)

On each "Dialog" page students can click on the small icon under the title to listen to an mp3 recording of the Dialog. These mp3 files were converted from wav files by Andrew Manies using AudioCatalyst for Macintosh. An mp3 player such as WinAmp or the MS Media Player is necessary to listen to such files.

To preserve the quality of the scanned images, we have saved the scans of the paintings and places as JPEG files; your display must be set to at least 16-bit color for these images to display correctly.

This site is an ongoing and growing project Your feedback is appreciated.

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