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August 3, 2016




Jay C. and Ruth Halls-Bascom Professor of Hebrew  Emeritux
University of Wisconsin-Madison

2815 Chamberlain Ave.

Madison, WI 53705


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I.   Education
II.  Employment
III. Fellowships, Grants, and Honors
IV. Publications


Main field:            Hebrew Bible
Secondary field:   Egyptian Literature


B.A. (1962) and M.A. (1963), University of Michigan (Near Eastern Studies)
Rabbinical ordination (1968): Hebrew Union College
Ph.D.(1972): Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East)

Postdoctoral study in Egyptology at Liverpool University (1974-75) as Leverhulme Fellow. Honorary Doctorate of Hebrew Letters, Hebrew Union College, 1993
Languages: Hebrew (all periods), Greek, Egyptian, Ugaritic, Aramaic, Syriac, Canaanite dialects; German, French, some Italian.


1971-74    Instructor, then Lecturer in Bible at Haifa University and the University of the Negev
1975-77    Lecturer in Bible and Egyptology at the Hebrew University
1977-     Assistant Professor to Professor (1984), UW-Madison
1982-87, 1993-99, 2010    Chairman of the Hebrew Department

Jan. 2010- Emeritus

Affiliate Professor, University of Haifa



Editor, Hebrew Studies, 1986-93

Editor, SBL Dissertation Series, 1994-99.

President, Society for Biblical Literature, Midwest region, 1998-2000

President, National Association of Professors of Hebrew, 2003-2005

Fellow, American Academy of Jewish Research, 2000-

Vice-President, Society for Biblical Literature, 2015

IV. PUBLICATIONS: A: Books; B: Articles C: Reviews; D: Editorial. Abbreviations at end.

Many of my articles are available in pdf format at academia.edu (http://wisc.academia.edu/MichaeFox/Papers)

A. BOOKS top

Love Songs from Ancient Egypt [Hebrew] Magnes Press, Jerusalem (123 pp.)
The Song of Songs and the Ancient Egyptian Love Songs.

: University of Wisconsin Press. Reprinted 1989, 1999, 2005 (454 pp.).

[Popular commentaries on] Qohelet and Song of Songs in Olam Hatanakh [Hebrew], with Yaakov Klein. Tel Aviv: Revivim.

Qohelet and His Contradictions. JSOTSup 71. Sheffield Academic Press. Second printing, 1989 (383 pp.).

Character and Ideology in the Book of Esther. Univ. of South Carolina Press (317 pp).
The Redaction of the Books of Esther. SBLMS 40. Atlanta  (195 pp.).

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Proverbs 1-9 (Anchor Bible 18A = vol. I), Doubleday).


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In Progress:
Job: A Commentary. OT Library. Westminster/John Knox Press.



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Assoc. Editor, Hebrew Studies, 1982-85

Editor, Hebrew Studies, 1986-93

Volume Editor, Temple in Society (Winona Lk., IN: Eisenbrauns, 1988)

Journal of Biblical Literature Editorial Board, 1991-1996, 2008-

Occasional referee: Hebrew Union College Annual, Hebrew Annual Review, and various academic publishers

Editor, SBL Dissertation Series, 1994-99.

Editor (with others), Texts, Temples and Traditions: Essays in Honor of Menahem Haran (Winona Lake, Ind.: Eisenbrauns, 1996).

Journal of Hebrew Scriptures Editorial Board, 1995-

Mo`ed (journal) Editorial Board, 2002-06.

Volume Editor. The Art of the Aphorism. JSOT 29 (2004).



Society for Biblical Literature+

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BA = Biblical Archaeologist; BETL = Bibliotheca Ephemeridum Theologicarum Lovaniensium; CBQ = Catholic Biblical Quarterly; HAR = Hebrew Annual Review; HUCA = Hebrew Union College Annual; JANES = Journal of the Ancient Near Eastern Society; JAOS Journal of the American Oriental Society; JBL = Journal of Biblical Literature; JHS = Journal of Hebrew Scriptures (www.ualberta.ca/ARTS/JHS/jhs.html); JNSL = Journal of Northwest Semitic Languages; JQR = Jewish Quarterly Review; JSOT = Journal for the Study of the Old Testament; SBL = Society for Biblical Literature; VT = Vetus Testamentum; VTSup = Vetus Testamentum Supplements; ZAH = Zeitschrift für Althebraistik