Vocabulary Week 3 - English to Anishinaabemowin

This exercise lets you randomly cycle through your vocabulary in a flashcard style. Click Next to begin and to advance to new words; continue clicking Next to practice vocabulary. When you feel you know a word, click Delete to remove it from the practice set.

tableadoopowin ni; pl adoopowinan; loc adoopowining; dim adoopowinens
libraryadagindaasoowigamig ni; pl agindaasoowigamigoon; loc agindaasoowigamigong
chairapabiwin ni; pl apabiwinan; loc apabawining; dim apabiwinens
shirtbabagiwayaan ni; pl babagiwayaanan; loc babagiwayaaning; dim babagiwayaanens
look at s.o.; watch s.o.ganawaabam vta
look at s.t., watch s.t.ganawaabandan vti
pantsgiboodiyegwaazon na; pl giboodiyegwaazonag; loc giboodiyegwaazoning
know s.t.gikendan vti
know s.o.gikenim vta
school, classroomgikinoo'amaadiiwigamig ni; pl gikinoo'amaadiiwigamigoon; loc gikinoo'amaadiiwigamingong
be a student; study; be taughtgikinoo'amaagozi vai
you (pl.), your (pl.) (second person plural personal pronoun)giinawaa pr
we (including you), us (including you), our (including you) (first person plural inclusive personal pronoun)giinawind pr
boat, canoejiimaan ni; pl jiimaanan; loc jiimaaning; dim jiimaanens
shoemakizin ni; pl makizinan; loc makizining; dim makizinens
so then...; it's that...; it's thus that...mii
we (excluding you), us (excluding you), our (excluding you) (first person plural exclusive personal pronoun)niinawind pr
pen, pencilozhibii'iganaak ni; pl ozhibii'iganaakoon; dim ozhibii'iganaakoons
they (an.), their (an.) (third person plural (animate) personal pronounwiinawaa pr
restaurant, dining hall, cafeteriawiisiniiwigamig ni; pl wiisiniiwigamigoon; loc wiisiniiwigamigong; dim wiisiniiwigamigoons
mosquitozagime na; pl zagimeg; dim zagimens