Vocabulary Week 3 - Anishinaabemowin to English

This exercise lets you randomly cycle through your vocabulary in a flashcard style. Click Next to begin and to advance to new words; continue clicking Next to practice vocabulary. When you feel you know a word, click Delete to remove it from the practice set.

adoopowinni table; pl adoopowinan; loc adoopowining; dim adoopowinens
adoopowinanni tables (plural)
adoopowiningni on, at, by the table(s) (locative)
agindaasoowigamigni library; pl agindaasoowigamigoon; loc agindaasoowigamigong
agindaasoowigamingoonni libraries (plural)
agindaasoowigamigongni at, in the library (locative)
apabiwinni chair; pl apabiwinan; loc apabawining; dim apabiwinens
apabiwinanni chairs (plural)
apabiwiningni on, by the chair(s) (locative)
apabiwinensni little chair (diminutive)
babagiwayaanni shirt; pl babagiwayaanan; loc babagiwayaaning; dim babagiwayaanens
babagiwayaananni shirts (plural)
babagiwayaaningni on, in the shirt(s) (locative)
babagiwayaanensni little shirt (diminutive)
ganawaabamvta look at s.o.; watch s.o.
ganawaabandanvti look at s.t., watch s.t.
giboodiyegwaazonna pants; pl giboodiyegwaazonag; loc giboodiyegwaazoning
giboodiyegwaazonagna pairs of pants (plural)
giboodiyegwaazoningna in, on the pants (locative)
gikendanvti know s.t.
gikenimvta know s.o.
gikinoo'amaadiiwigamigni school, classroom; pl gikinoo'amaadiiwigamigoon; loc gikinoo'amaadiiwigamingong
gikinoo'amaadiiwigamigoonni schools, classrooms (plural)
gikinoo'amaadiiwigamongni in, at the school(s), classroom(s)
gikinoo'amaagozivai be a student; study; be taught
giinawaapr you (pl.), your (pl.) (second person plural personal pronoun)
giinawindpr we (including you), us (including you), our (including you) (first person plural inclusive personal pronoun)
jiimaanni boat, canoe; pl jiimaanan; loc jiimaaning; dim jiimaanens
jiimaananni boats, canoes (plural)
jiimaaningni in, at, by the boat(s)
jiimaanensni little boat, little canoe, toy boat, toy canoe (diminutive)
makizinni shoe; pl makizinan; loc makizining; dim makizinens
makizinanni shoes (plural)
makiziningni in, on the shoe(s) (locative)
makizinensni little shoe (diminutive)
miiso then...; it's that...; it's thus that...
niinawindpr we (excluding you), us (excluding you), our (excluding you) (first person plural exclusive personal pronoun)
ozhibii'iganaakni pen, pencil; pl ozhibii'iganaakoon; dim ozhibii'iganaakoons
ozhibii'iganaakoonni pens, pencils (plural)
ozhibii'iganaakoonsni little pen, little pencil (diminutive)
wiinawaapr they (an.), their (an.) (third person plural (animate) personal pronoun
wiisiniiwigamigni restaurant, dining hall, cafeteria; pl wiisiniiwigamigoon; loc wiisiniiwigamigong; dim wiisiniiwigamigoons
wiisiniiwigamigoonni restaurants, cafeterias, dining halls (plural)
wiisiniiwigamigongni at, in the restaurant(s), cafeteria(s), dining hall(s) (locative)
zagimena mosquito; pl zagimeg; dim zagimens
zagimegna mosquitoes (plural)