Lesson 2 Ikidowinan - English to Anishinaabemowin

This exercise lets you randomly cycle through your vocabulary in a flashcard style. Click Next to begin and to advance to new words; continue clicking Next to practice vocabulary. When you feel you know a word, click Delete to remove it from the practice set.

doganimosh na; pl animoshag; dim animoons; my dog, inday
be in a (particular) placeayaa vai; Iwidi ayaa mindimooyenh. 'The old woman is over there.'
animalawesiinh na; pl awesiinyag
very, quite, to a great degree (particle)aapiji pc; Aapiji imbakade. 'I'm very hungry.'
be (a certain thing or being)aawi vai; Ikwezens aawi. '(That person) is a girl.'
future tenseda- pv Da-wiisini gwiiwizens. 'The boy will eat.'; ga- pv Giga-wiisin ina? 'Are you (sg) going to eat?'
could, should, woulddaa- pv Indaa-wiisin. 'I should eat.'
catgaazhagens na; pl gaazhagensag
great, very, big (preverb, prenoun form)gichi-, chi-; pv and pn Gichi-wiisini ikwezens. 'The girl is really chowing down.' Gichi-zhigaag ayaa iwidi! 'There's a big skunk over there!'
past tensegii- pv; Ingii-wiisin. 'I ate'; Gii-wiisini inday. 'My dog ate.'
you (sg.), your (sg.)giin pr you (sg.) (second person singular personal pronoun); Giin ina gigii-wiisin? 'Did YOU(sg.) eat?'
say (such), speak soikido vai 'Boozhoo,' gii-ikido gwiiwizens. 'The boy said 'Hi.'' Aaniin ekidong 'cat'? 'How does one say 'cat'?'
bearmakwa na; pl makwag; dim makoons
again, also, andmiinawaa pc; gaazhagens miinawaa animosh '(the) dog and (the) cat'; Miinawaa ingii-wiisin. 'I ate again.'
question particle used with yes/no-type questionsna, ina pc; Giwii-wiisin ina? 'Do you want to eat?'; Bakade na animosh? 'Is the dog hungry?'
I, me, myniin pr (first person singular personal pronoun). Niin inday bakade. 'MY dog is hungry'; Ingii-wiisin niin. 'As for ME, I ate.'
write (things)ozhibii'ige vai; Inga-ozhibii'ige. 'I'm going to write (unspecified stuff).'
emphatic particlesa pc; Niin sa, Rand. 'It is I, Rand. (typical ending to a letter if your name happens to be Rand).
want to, intend to (preverb form)wii- pv; want to, intend to; Niwii-wiisin. 'I want to eat.'
s/he, her/him, hers/hiswiin pr (third person singular personal pronoun); Wiin gii-wiisini. 'As for HER, she ate.'
skunkzhigaag na; pl zhigaagwag; dim zhigaagoons
duckzhiishiib na; pl zhiishiibag; dim zhiishiibens