Vocabulary Lesson 8 - English to Anishinaabemowin

This exercise lets you randomly cycle through your vocabulary in a flashcard style. Click Next to begin and to advance to new words; continue clicking Next to practice vocabulary. When you feel you know a word, click Delete to remove it from the practice set.

onenm bezhig
twonm niizh
threenm niswi
fournm niiwin
fivenm naanan
sixnm (n)ingodwaaswi
sevennm (n)iizhwaaswi
eightnm (n)ishwaaswi
ninenm zhaangaswi
tennm midaaswi
elevennm midaaswi-shi-bezhig
twelvenm midaaswi-shi-niizh
twentynm niishtana
thirtynm nisimidana
fortynm niimidana
fiftynm naanimidana
sixtynm (n)ingodaasimidana
seventynm niizhwaasimidana
eightynm (n)ishwaasimidana
ninetynm zhaangasimidana
one hundrednm (n)ingodwaak
be so many (an.)vai dashiwag
be so many (in.)vii dasinoon