Vocabulary Week 7 - Anishinaabemowin to English

This exercise lets you randomly cycle through your vocabulary in a flashcard style. Click Next to begin and to advance to new words; continue clicking Next to practice vocabulary. When you feel you know a word, click Delete to remove it from the practice set.

awasonaagopc. the day before yesterday. Gii-kimiwan awasonaago. 'It rained the day before yesterday.'
awas-waabangpc. the day after tomorrow. Awas-waabang inga-maajaa. 'I'll leave the day after tomorrow.'
ningwaanakwadvii. be cloudy. Gii-ningwaanakwad bijiinaago. 'It was cloudy yesterday.'
bagamibiisaavii. rain arrives, rain comes.
bijiinaagopc. yesterday. Bijiinaago ingii-waabamaa makwa. 'I saw a bear yesterday.'
dakaanimadvii. be a cold wind, there is a cold wind. Wii-takaanimad waabang, 'There's going to be a cold wind tomorrow.'
dakaayaavii. be cool weather, the weather is cold, cool. Dakaayaa noongom giizhigak. 'It's cold (weather) today.'
dakibiisaavii. be a cold rain, there is a cold rain. Wii-takibiisaa noongom dibikak. 'There's going to be a cold rain tonight.'
gimiwanvii. rain, precipitate, it's raining. Gii-kimiwan bijiinaago. 'It rained yesterday.'
gizhaatevii. be hot weather, the weather is hot. Gizhaate noongom giizhigak. 'The weather is hot today.'
gizhaatemagadvii. be hot weather, the weather is hot. Gizhaatemagad noongom giizhigak. 'The weather is hot today.'
izhiwebadvii. be such weather, how the weather is... Aaniin ezhiwebak noongom? 'What's the weather like today?'
maji-giizhigadvii. be bad weather, be a bad day (esp. weatherwise). Gii-maji-giizhigad bijiinaago. 'The weather was bad yesterday.'
mamaangaashkaavii. be big waves, there are big waves (on the water). Gii-mamaangaashkaa zaaga'iganiing bijiinaago. 'There were big waves on the lake yesterday.'
mizhakwadvii. be clear (weather), the weather is clear. Mizhakwad noongom giizhigak. 'The weather is clear today.'
noodinvii. be windy, it's windy. Gii-noodin dibikong. 'It was windy last night.'
noongompc. now, today, nowadays. Wii-kimiwan noongom, 'It will rain today.'
waabangvii. tomorrow. Wii-kimiwan waabang. 'It's going to rain tomorrow.'
zoogiponvii. snow, it's snowing. Gii-soogipon dibikong. 'It snowed last night.'