Vocabulary Week 6 - English to Anishinaabemowin

This exercise lets you randomly cycle through your vocabulary in a flashcard style. Click Next to begin and to advance to new words; continue clicking Next to practice vocabulary. When you feel you know a word, click Delete to remove it from the practice set.

that (one) (an.)pr-an a'aw. A'aw inini, 'that man'
going away..., going along..., in progress..., on the way...pv ani-. Ani-wiisinin! 'Go eat!'
have s.t. (in.)vti ayaan. Jiimaan (n)indayaan. 'I have a canoe.'
have s.o., have s.t. (an.)vta ayaaw. Gaazhagens (n)indayaawaa, 'I have a cat.'
toward the speaker, this way, hitherpv bi. Bi-wiisinin! 'Come and eat.'
pleasepc daga. Daga, wiisinin! 'Please, eat!'
ask s.o. (something)vta gagwejim. Ingii-kakwejimaa gwiiwizens, 'I asked the boy.'
that (in.)pr-in i'iw. I'iw jiimaan, 'that boat.'
those (an.)pr-an ingiw. Ingiw mindimooyenyag, 'those old women.'
that/those (an. obv. [fourth-person])pr-an iniw. Iniw Zhaabadiis ogozisan, 'that/those son(s) of John's'
those (in.)pr-in iniw. Iniw jiimaanan, 'those canoes'
give (something) to s.o.vta miizh. Miizh Zhaabadiis bakwezhiganan. 'Give John bread.'
this (in.)pr-in o'ow. O'ow jiimaan, 'this boat.'
these (an.)pr-an ongow. Ongow ininiwag, 'these men.'
that/these (an. obv. [fourth-person])pr-an onow. Onow Maanii ogozisan, 'that/these son(s) of Mary's'
these (in.)pr-in onow. Onow jiimaanan, 'these canoes.'
this (an.)pr-an wa'aw. Wa'aw gaazhagens, 'this cat.'
see s.o., s.t. (an.)vta waabam. Niwaabamaa zhiishiib, 'I see the/a duck.'
love s.o., s.t. (an.)vta zaagi'. Gizaagi'in, 'I love you (sg.)'