Lesson 1 - 5 Ikidowinan - English to Anishinaabemowin

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doganimosh na; pl animoshag; dim animoons; my dog, inday
be in a (particular) placeayaa vai; Iwidi ayaa mindimooyenh. 'The old woman is over there.'
animalawesiinh na; pl awesiinyag
very, quite, to a great degree (particle)aapiji pc; Aapiji imbakade. 'I'm very hungry.'
be (a certain thing or being)aawi vai; Ikwezens aawi. '(That person) is a girl.'
future tenseda- pv Da-wiisini gwiiwizens. 'The boy will eat.'; ga- pv Giga-wiisin ina? 'Are you (sg) going to eat?'
could, should, woulddaa- pv Indaa-wiisin. 'I should eat.'
catgaazhagens na; pl gaazhagensag
great, very, big (preverb, prenoun form)gichi-, chi-; pv and pn Gichi-wiisini ikwezens. 'The girl is really chowing down.' Gichi-zhigaag ayaa iwidi! 'There's a big skunk over there!'
past tensegii- pv; Ingii-wiisin. 'I ate'; Gii-wiisini inday. 'My dog ate.'
you (sg.), your (sg.)giin pr you (sg.) (second person singular personal pronoun); Giin ina gigii-wiisin? 'Did YOU(sg.) eat?'
say (such), speak soikido vai 'Boozhoo,' gii-ikido gwiiwizens. 'The boy said 'Hi.'' Aaniin ekidong 'cat'? 'How does one say 'cat'?'
bearmakwa na; pl makwag; dim makoons
again, also, andmiinawaa pc; gaazhagens miinawaa animosh '(the) dog and (the) cat'; Miinawaa ingii-wiisin. 'I ate again.'
question particle used with yes/no-type questionsna, ina pc; Giwii-wiisin ina? 'Do you want to eat?'; Bakade na animosh? 'Is the dog hungry?'
I, me, myniin pr (first person singular personal pronoun). Niin inday bakade. 'MY dog is hungry'; Ingii-wiisin niin. 'As for ME, I ate.'
write (things)ozhibii'ige vai; Inga-ozhibii'ige. 'I'm going to write (unspecified stuff).'
emphatic particlesa pc; Niin sa, Rand. 'It is I, Rand. (typical ending to a letter if your name happens to be Rand).
want to, intend to (preverb form)wii- pv; want to, intend to; Niwii-wiisin. 'I want to eat.'
s/he, her/him, hers/hiswiin pr (third person singular personal pronoun); Wiin gii-wiisini. 'As for HER, she ate.'
skunkzhigaag na; pl zhigaagwag; dim zhigaagoons
duckzhiishiib na; pl zhiishiibag; dim zhiishiibens
tableadoopowin ni; pl adoopowinan; loc adoopowining; dim adoopowinens
libraryadagindaasoowigamig ni; pl agindaasoowigamigoon; loc agindaasoowigamigong
chairapabiwin ni; pl apabiwinan; loc apabawining; dim apabiwinens
shirtbabagiwayaan ni; pl babagiwayaanan; loc babagiwayaaning; dim babagiwayaanens
look at s.o.; watch s.o.ganawaabam vta
look at s.t., watch s.t.ganawaabandan vti
pantsgiboodiyegwaazon na; pl giboodiyegwaazonag; loc giboodiyegwaazoning
know s.t.gikendan vti
know s.o.gikenim vta
school, classroomgikinoo'amaadiiwigamig ni; pl gikinoo'amaadiiwigamigoon; loc gikinoo'amaadiiwigamingong
be a student; study; be taughtgikinoo'amaagozi vai
you (pl.), your (pl.) (second person plural personal pronoun)giinawaa pr
we (including you), us (including you), our (including you) (first person plural inclusive personal pronoun)giinawind pr
boat, canoejiimaan ni; pl jiimaanan; loc jiimaaning; dim jiimaanens
shoemakizin ni; pl makizinan; loc makizining; dim makizinens
so then...; it's that...; it's thus that...mii
we (excluding you), us (excluding you), our (excluding you) (first person plural exclusive personal pronoun)niinawind pr
pen, pencilozhibii'iganaak ni; pl ozhibii'iganaakoon; dim ozhibii'iganaakoons
they (an.), their (an.) (third person plural (animate) personal pronounwiinawaa pr
restaurant, dining hall, cafeteriawiisiniiwigamig ni; pl wiisiniiwigamigoon; loc wiisiniiwigamigong; dim wiisiniiwigamigoons
mosquitozagime na; pl zagimeg; dim zagimens
studentgikinoo'amaagan na pl gikinoo'amaaganag; dim gikinoo'amaagaans
studentsgikinoo'amaaganag na
my daughters(n)indaanisag nad
my father(n)imbaabaa nad
my daughter(n)indaanis nad /-daanis-/; pl (n)indaanisag; dim (n)indaanisens
my father(n)indede nad, (n)imbaabaa nad; noos (old fashioned, formal) nad
my parentsingitiziimag nad; niniigi'igoog nad-p
my clan, my totem(n)indoodem na(d)
my parent(n)ingitiziim nad /-gitiziim-/; pl (n)ingitiziimag
my son(n)ingozis nad /-gozis-/; pl (n)ingozisag
my sons(n)ingozisag nad
my cross-aunt (father's sister)(n)inzigos nad /-zigos-/; pl (n)inzigosag
my cross-aunts (father's sisters)(n)inzigosag nad
my cross-uncle (mother's brother)(n)inzhishenh nad /-zhisheny-/; pl (n)inzhishenyag
my cross-uncles (mother's brothers)(n)inzhishenyag nad
my older sister /-misenh-/; my older female parallel cousinnimisenh nad pl nimisenyag
my older sisters, my older female parallel cousinsnimisenyag nad
my parallel uncle (father's brother)nimishoome nad /-mishoomey-/; pl nimishoomeyag
my parallel uncles (father's brothers)nimishoomeyag nad
my grandfathernimishoomis nad /-mishoomis-/; pl nimishoomisag
my grandfathersnimishoomisag nad
my parentsniniigi'igoog nad-p; (n)ingitiziimag nad
my parallel aunt (mother's sister)ninoshenh nad /-nosheny-/; pl ninoshenyag
my parallel aunts (mother's sisters)ninoshenyag nad
my older brothers, my older parallel cousinsnisayenyag nad
my older brother, my older parallel cousinnisayenh nad /-sayeny-/; pl nisayenyag
my younger sibling, my younger parallel cousinnishiime nad /-shiimey-/; pl nishiimeyag
my younger siblings, my younger parallel cousinsnishiimeyag nad
my fellow (student)niiji- pn, e.g. niiji-gikinoo'amaagan 'my fellow student'
my sweetheart, my cross-cousin of the opposite sexniinimoshenh nad /-iinimoshenh-/; pl niinimoshenyag
my sweethearts, my cross-cousins of the opposite sexniinimoshenyag nad
my grandmothernookomis nad /-ookomis-/; pl nookomisag
my grandmothersnookomisag nad
my father (formal, old fashioned)noos nad /-oos-/; pl noosag
my spouseniwiidigemaagan na(d) /-wiidigemaagan-/; pl niwiidigemaaganag
my spousesniwiidigemaaganag na(d)
go over (to another location) to...o- pv
workanokii vai
how, in what way; also used a greeting in many southern Ojibwe dialectsaaniin pc
be hungrybakade vai
live in a certain placedaa vai
boygwiiwizens na; pl gwiiwizensag
womanikwe na; pl ikwewag; dim ikwens
girlikwezens na; pl ikwezensag
thereimaa, i'imaa pc
maninini na; ; pl ininiwag; dim ininiins
over thereiwidi pc
go to a certain placeizhaa vai
feel soizhi-ayaa vai
be named soizhinikaazo vai
leave, depart, set offmaajaa vai
start an activitymaajitaa vai
old womanmindimooyenh na; old lady; pl mindimooyenyag; dim mindimooyens
be good, be fine, be wellmino-ayaa vai
make a lunch to take along; take along a lunchnawapwaanike vai
sleepnibaa vai
hereomaa, o'omaa pc
eatwiisini vai
be (in a certain place)ayaa vai
fall and break one's armbookogaadeshin vai
break one's arm, have a broken armbookonike vai
arrivedagoshin vai
have an ache in one's armdewinike vai
have a sore armgaagiijinike vai
my heart(n)inde' nid; pl (n)inde'an; loc (n)inde'ing
my mouth(n)indoon nid; pl (n)indoonan; loc (n)indooning
my dress(n)ingoodaas nid; pl (n)ingoodaasan
my nose(n)injaanzh nid; pl (n)injaanzhan; loc (n)injaanzhing
my foot(n)inzid nid; pl (n)inzidan; loc (n)inzidaang
be happy, be gladminwendam vai
lower one's armnaazhinikeni vai
my legnikaad nid; pl nikaadan; loc nikaading
my armninik nid; pl ninikan; loc ninikaang
my handnininj nid; pl nininjiin; loc nininjiing
my eyenishkiinzhig nid; pl nishkiinzhigoon; loc nishkiinzhigong
my headnishtigwaan nid; pl nishtigwaanan; loc nishtigwaaning
my earnitawag nid; pl nitawagan; loc nitawagaang
lift one's armombinikeni vai
have a strong armzoonginike vai