Vocabulary Week 4 - English to Anishinaabemowin

This exercise lets you randomly cycle through your vocabulary in a flashcard style. Click Next to begin and to advance to new words; continue clicking Next to practice vocabulary. When you feel you know a word, click Delete to remove it from the practice set.

studentgikinoo'amaagan na pl gikinoo'amaaganag; dim gikinoo'amaagaans
studentsgikinoo'amaaganag na
my daughters(n)indaanisag nad
my father(n)imbaabaa nad
my daughter(n)indaanis nad /-daanis-/; pl (n)indaanisag; dim (n)indaanisens
my father(n)indede nad, (n)imbaabaa nad; noos (old fashioned, formal) nad
my parentsingitiziimag nad; niniigi'igoog nad-p
my clan, my totem(n)indoodem na(d)
my parent(n)ingitiziim nad /-gitiziim-/; pl (n)ingitiziimag
my son(n)ingozis nad /-gozis-/; pl (n)ingozisag
my sons(n)ingozisag nad
my cross-aunt (father's sister)(n)inzigos nad /-zigos-/; pl (n)inzigosag
my cross-aunts (father's sisters)(n)inzigosag nad
my cross-uncle (mother's brother)(n)inzhishenh nad /-zhisheny-/; pl (n)inzhishenyag
my cross-uncles (mother's brothers)(n)inzhishenyag nad
my older sister /-misenh-/; my older female parallel cousinnimisenh nad pl nimisenyag
my older sisters, my older female parallel cousinsnimisenyag nad
my parallel uncle (father's brother)nimishoome nad /-mishoomey-/; pl nimishoomeyag
my parallel uncles (father's brothers)nimishoomeyag nad
my grandfathernimishoomis nad /-mishoomis-/; pl nimishoomisag
my grandfathersnimishoomisag nad
my parentsniniigi'igoog nad-p; (n)ingitiziimag nad
my parallel aunt (mother's sister)ninoshenh nad /-nosheny-/; pl ninoshenyag
my parallel aunts (mother's sisters)ninoshenyag nad
my older brothers, my older parallel cousinsnisayenyag nad
my older brother, my older parallel cousinnisayenh nad /-sayeny-/; pl nisayenyag
my younger sibling, my younger parallel cousinnishiime nad /-shiimey-/; pl nishiimeyag
my younger siblings, my younger parallel cousinsnishiimeyag nad
my fellow (student)niiji- pn, e.g. niiji-gikinoo'amaagan 'my fellow student'
my sweetheart, my cross-cousin of the opposite sexniinimoshenh nad /-iinimoshenh-/; pl niinimoshenyag
my sweethearts, my cross-cousins of the opposite sexniinimoshenyag nad
my grandmothernookomis nad /-ookomis-/; pl nookomisag
my grandmothersnookomisag nad
my father (formal, old fashioned)noos nad /-oos-/; pl noosag
my spouseniwiidigemaagan na(d) /-wiidigemaagan-/; pl niwiidigemaaganag
my spousesniwiidigemaaganag na(d)
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