Vocabulary Week 4 - Anishinaabemowin to English

This exercise lets you randomly cycle through your vocabulary in a flashcard style. Click Next to begin and to advance to new words; continue clicking Next to practice vocabulary. When you feel you know a word, click Delete to remove it from the practice set.

gikinoo'amaaganna student; pl gikinoo'amaaganag; dim gikinoo'amaagaans
gikinoo'amaaganagna students (pl)
(n)indaanisagnad my daughters
(n)imbaabaanad my father /-baabaay-/; pl (n)imbaabaayag
(n)indaanisnad my daughter /-daanis-/; pl (n)indaanisag; dim (n)indaanisens
(n)indedenad my father /-dedey-/; pl (n)indedeyag
ingitiziimagnad my parents
(n)indoodemna my clan, my totem /-doodem-/; pl (n)indoodemag
(n)ingitiziimnad my parent /-gitiziim-/; pl (n)ingitiziimag
(n)ingozisnad my son /-gozis-/; pl (n)ingozisag
(n)ingozisagnad my sons
(n)inzigosnad my cross-aunt (father's sister) /-zigos-/; pl (n)inzigosag
(n)inzigosagnad my cross-aunts (father's sisters)
(n)inzhishenhnad my cross-uncle (mother's brother) /-zhisheny-/; pl (n)inzhishenyag
(n)inzhishenyagnad my cross-uncles (mother's brothers)
nimisenhnad my older sister /-misenh-/; my older female parallel cousin; pl nimisenyag
nimisenyagnad my older sisters, my older female parallel cousins
nimishoomenad my parallel uncle (father's brother) /-mishoomey-/; pl nimishoomeyag
nimishoomeyagnad my parallel uncles (father's brothers)
nimishoomisnad my grandfather /-mishoomis-/; pl nimishoomisag
nimishoomisagnad my grandfathers
niniigi'igoognad-p my parents /-niigi'igw-/ (only used in the plural)
ninoshenhnad my parallel aunt (mother's sister) /-nosheny-/; pl ninoshenyag
ninoshenyagnad my parallel aunts (mother's sisters)
nisayenyagnad my older brothers, my older parallel cousins
nisayenhnad my older brother, my older parallel cousin /-sayeny-/; pl nisayenyag
nishiimenad my younger sibling, my younger parallel cousin /-shiimey-/; pl nishiimeyag
nishiimeyagnad my younger siblings, my younger parallel cousins
niiji-pn my fellow, e.g. niiji-gikinoo'amaagan 'my fellow student'
niinimoshenhnad my sweetheart, my cross-cousin of the opposite sex /-iinimoshenh-/; pl niinimoshenyag
niinimoshenyagnad my sweethearts, my cross-cousins of the opposite sex
nookomisnad my grandmother /-ookomis-/; pl nookomisag
nookomisagnad my grandmothers
noosnad my father (formal, old fashioned) /-oos-/; pl noosag
niwiidigemaaganna(d) my spouse /-wiidigemaagan-/; pl niwiidigemaaganag
niwiidigemaaganagna(d) my spouses
o-pv go over (to another location) to...