Lesson 1-4 Review Week


This week will be a review, i.e., you won't have any new vocabulary to learn, but will have an opportunity to review the vocabulary that you've learned in Weeks 1 through 4. Review every week, and work to add new vocabulary to your existing stock of words, not to replace the current week's vocabulary with what you've learned before. I have read that people seeking to learn vocabulary tend to learn it and forget it, and that each time one relearns vocabulary, it is retained twice as long as the last time it was retained and forgotten. If you remember vocabulary for 1 day, and forget it, then relearn it, the next learning will allow you to remember it for 2 days, etc. Obviously, learning vocabulary is not a simple operation of learning it once and for all, though for many people, that will work for the constraints of a semester.

Vocabulary Review

Here are some javascripted html pages (made with HotPotatoes) that provide flashcards for all of the vocabulary in Lessons 1-4, one flashcard set for Anishinaabemowin to English, and one for English to Anishinaabemowin.

Lesson 1-4 English to Anishinaabemowin Vocabulary Flashcards

Lesson 1-4 Anishinaabemowin to English Vocabulary Flashcards

Pictographic Petition of 1849

If you would like to learn more about the pictographic petition that we looked at briefly in class, you can go to the Wisconsin Historical Society's webpages on it, which are here: Pictographic Petition Link.

Syllabic Writing

This week too I am going to teach you how the syllabic writing system used among northern Ojibwe people works. I have put together a pdf which shows you the relationship of syllabic writing to the Roman system that we have been learning. You can download that pdf here: PDF of Syllabic to Roman Writing. You should print this out for use in class on Tuesday.

Treaty Rights

The Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission has produced a pdf that discusses some of the issues involving land use rights, ecology and such things. You can download that pdf from the following webpage: Link to GLIFWLC page. At the bottom of the page, click on the link labeled Publications. When you go to publications, click on the link to A Guide to Understanding Ojibwe Treaty Rights. From there you can access the pdf. Reading this publication is optional at this point, though it would certainly be worth your while to at least glance at it.