Lesson 5

Introduction to Ojibwe Anatomical Terms

In this lesson we will learn some Anishinaabemowin anatomical terms, and continue our beginning study of Ojibwe grammar. We will to continue to make sentences using our growing knowledge of how Anishinaabemowin works.

Terms for Body Parts

Also download the following pdf which provides a detailed list of anatomical terms in Anishinaabemowin.

Anatomical Terms pdf

Vocabulary for Week 5

The list of this week's vocabulary can be found on the main vocabulary page, which you can access by clicking on the following link.

Week 5 Vocabulary

An mp3 file with all of this week's vocabulary can be found downloaded by right-clicking (in Windows, control-clicking in Mac OS) on the following link:

Week 5 Vocabulary mp3

Flashcard sets for Week 5 vocabulary can be found at the following links:

English to Ojibwe Flashcards

Ojibwe to English Flashcards

The following links provide you with cumulative flashcard sets for vocabulary from Lessons 1 through 5.

English to Ojibwe Cumulative 1-5 Vocabulary

Ojibwe to English Cumulative 1-5 Vocabulary

Reading and Reaction

Since we looked at the pictographic petition of 1849 last week, it might be useful to examine further issues pertaining to land use rights and treaties. To do so, please go to the following website, which is that of the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission. Once there, click on Publications at the bottom of the page, and then, the link labeled A Guide to Understanding Ojibwe Treaty Rights. Read this publication, which you can download in pdf format. Write a reaction, in which you discuss the treaty rights. In particular, address a. what a treaty is; b. what usufructuary rights are; c. what tribal sovereignty means; d. the significance of the Voigt case.

Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission