Lesson 4

Introduction to Ojibwe Kin Relations

In this lesson we will take a close look at traditional Anishinaabe kinship terms. You will need to download the following pdf files, and have a look at them prior to class. We will work on kinship and related ideas all week, though, so you don't have to know all of these things by Tuesday. The following pdfs provide overviews of the traditional system. Please print out all of these pdfs and keep them in a notebook that you bring to class (this applies to every pdf assigned in lessons other than whole books).

Anishinaabemowin Kinship Terminology pdf

Kinship Chart (Male Speaker) pdf

Kinship Chart (Female Speaker) pdf

Kinship Chart (Male Speaker, by Marriage) pdf

Kinship Chart (Female Speaker, by Marriage) pdf

Noun Possession

Also download the following pdf which gives an introduction to so-called noun possession in Anishinaabemowin. I will go over the things in this pdf in minute detail in class, so don't feel obliged to understand it all on the basis of reading the pdf!

Noun Possession pdf

Vocabulary for Week 4

The list of this week's vocabulary can be found on the main vocabulary page, which you can access by clicking on the following link.

Week 4 Vocabulary

An mp3 file with all of this week's vocabulary can be found downloaded by right-clicking (in Windows, control-clicking in Mac OS) on the following link:

Week 4 Vocabulary mp3

Flashcard sets for Week 4 vocabulary can be found at the following links:

English to Ojibwe Flashcards

Ojibwe to English Flashcards

Reading and Reaction

This week we will read from Andrew Blackbird's book, History of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, originally published in 1887. You can download a pdf of the entire book below.

Andrew Blackbird's History pdf

Read the Introduction, Chapter I, and the 21 precepts of the Ottawa and Chippewa, which can be found in Chapter XIV. Then write a reaction, based on a comparison of these precepts with the Judeo-Christian ten commandments, and with the ideas and attitudes expressed by Maude Kegg, Nancy Thompson, and Paul Buffalo.