Vocabulary Sets

This section contains sets of common vocabulary. Click on a link below to go to the set of your choice, or go Home.

  · Time, Days of the Week
  · VTA Verbs of Speaking

  · Dialogues 1-11 Dressing & Bus
  · Dialogues 12-22 Eating (Part 1)
  · Dialogues 23-31 Eating (Part 2)
  · Wilson Dialogues

Note: Unless indicated otherwise, all dialogues are from: Jessie Clark (Mookwewidamokwe) and Rick Gresczyk (Gwayakogaabo), 1998. Ambe, Ojibwemodaa Endaayang! Come on, let's talk Ojibwe at home! Minneapolis, Minnesota: Eagle Works, Inc. Please do not use these web pages if you have not purchased a copy of the book by Clark and Gresczyk. You can order this book by writing to Eagle Works, P.O. Box 580564, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55458-0564. Link: Eagle Works