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Verbs of Speaking (VTA)

Speak Against
anaamim blame s.o. (in speech), accuse s.o.
aagonwetaw deny what s.o. says, contradict s.o., not believe what s.o. says
aanimim reprimand s.o.
aanishim discourage s.o.
aazhidem talk back to s.o., answer back to s.o.
baapinodaw mock s.o. disrespectfully, show disrespect for s.o.
gina'amaw forbid s.o. to, warn s.o. against (something)
giikaam argue with s.o., quarrel with s.o.
naniibikim scold s.o.
nishkim anger s.o. by speech, speak and make s.o. mad
wanishkwem disturb s.o. by speech, interrupt s.o. by speech
nakom answer s.o., reply to s.o.
nakwetaw answer s.o.
gagwejim ask s.o. questions
nandodamaw ask s.o. for (something), beg s.o. for (something)
nandwewem go and ask for s.o.
nandwewendamaw go and ask s.o. (for something)
wiizhaam ask s.o. along, urge s.o. to come
ayaangwaamim warn s.o., caution s.o.
ojaanimim hurry s.o. by speech
miigwechiwi' thank s.o.
wanishkwe' distract s.o., interrupt s.o.
anishinaabemotaw speak an Indian language (Ojibwe) to s.o.
anishinaabewinikaazh call s.o. in Indian (Ojibwe); UR /anishinaabewinikaaN/
aanikanootaw translate s.o., interpret s.o.
bwaanimotaw speak Dakota to s.o.
ojibwemotaw speak Ojibwe to s.o.
zhaaganaashiimotaw speak English to s.o.
izhinikaazh name s.o. a certain way; UR /izhinikaaN/
izhi-wiinzh call s.o. a certain way, name s.o. a certain way; UR izhi-wiinN/
waawiinzh mention s.o., name s.o.; UR /waawiiN/
wiinzh name s.o., mention the name of s.o., give s.o. a name; UR /wiinN/
miigwechiwi' thank s.o.
amajim wake s.o. by vocal noise
jiibiingwetaw wink at s.o.
jiichiibiingwetaw wink at s.o.
migizh bark at s.o., UR /migiN/
wewebikwetaw shake one's head at s.o.
zaagidenaniwetaw stick out one's tongue at s.o.
izhidoonem point s.o. out with lips
izhidoonetaw point (something) out to s.o. with lips
izhinoo' point to s.o. a certain way
izhinoo'amaw point to (something) for s.o.
maamakaazitaw be amazed at what s.o. says
gikinootaw say something after s.o., follow s.o.'s instructions
biibaagim call out to s.o., shout at s.o.
anamikaw greet s.o.
nandom call s.o., summon s.o.
boonim stop talking to s.o., avoid talking to s.o.
Talk About
baataam tell on s.o., testify against s.o.
aajim tell a story of s.o.
danaajim tell of s.o. in a certain place
dazhim talk about s.o., gossip about s.o.
dibaajim tell of s.o.
inaajim tell of s.o. a certain way, narrate of s.o. a certain way
inootaw quote s.o. a certain way
maadaajim start to tell of s.o.
mikom mention s.o. come to one's mind
minwaajim tell good news of s.o.
anama'etaw pray for s.o.
Talk To
gaganoozh talk to s.o., converse with s.o.; UR /gaganooN/
ganoozh address s.o., speak to s.o., call s.o. on the phone; UR /ganooN/
gaagiizom appease s.o., apologize to s.o.
gaaskanazootaw whisper to s.o.
giiwanim lie to s.o., deceive s.o. in speech
goshkom surprise s.o. verbally
gwiishkoshim whistle to s.o.
maadaajimotaw start to tell (something) to s.o.
miikinji' tease s.o., harass s.o.
wanitaw misunderstand (what) s.o. (says)
zegim intimidate s.o. by speech
zhaagoozom defeat s.o. in speech, overcome s.o. with speech
aadizookaw tell a legend to s.o., tell a myth to s.o.
dadibaajimotaw tell stories to s.o., narrate to s.o.
dibaajimotaw tell (something) to s.o., narrate (something) to s.o.
inaajimotaw tell s.o. of (something) a certain way, narrate (something) to s.o. a certain way
izhi say to s.o., speak so to s.o.; UR /iN/
waawiindamaw explain (something) to s.o., tell about (something) to s.o., promise (something) to s.o.
wewiibim tell s.o. to hurry
wiindamaw tell s.o. about (something)
Tell to...
biindigenaazha' tell s.o. to go inside; UR /biindigenaazha'w/
boozinaazha' tell s.o. to get in (a vehicle or boat), tell s.o. to go aboard; UR /boozinaazha'w/
gabaanaazha' tell s.o. to get off, tell s.o. to disembark; UR /gabaanaazha'w/
gagaanzom persuade s.o., urge s.o., convince s.o.
gagiikim preach to s.o.
giiwenaazha' tell s.o. to go home; UR /giiwenaazha'w/
zagakim tell s.o. to settle down
zaagijinaazha' tell s.o. to go outside; UR /zaagijinaazha'w/