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ANsg awenen
ANpl awenenag
ANobv awenenan
INsg awegonen
INpl awegonenan

• Interrogative pronouns are used in asking questions and in "indirect questions" expressions (see below for examples).

• Note that the features of gender (animate and inanimate), number (singular and plural) and obviation (proximate and obviative (fourth person)) are coded in Ojibwe interrogative pronouns.

• The following are some examples of the usage of interrogative pronouns in sentences:

Awenen a'aw? 'Who is that?' (OLS)

- Awenen awedi? 'Who is that over there?' (OLS)

- Awenen gaa-ozhitood? 'Who made it?' (OLS)

- Awenen dash waa-wiijiiwad? 'Whom do you want to go with?' (OLS)

- Mii gaa-pi-izhi-nawadinid, "Awenen gidoodem," indig. 'She came and grabbed me, asking me, "What is your totem?"' (MK)

- Gaawiin igo minwendanziiwag i'iw ondaadiziwaad, awenen nitam waa-ondaadizid. 'But they weren't content with being born that way, whoever wanted to be born first.' (RF)

Awenen aw binesi mezitaagozid? Bine na? 'What bird is that calling? Is it a partridge?' (WI

- Awenen dowa awesiinyag eyaajig omaa? 'What animals are there about here?' (WI)

- Gaawiin ninisidawinawaasiin awenen dino asin a'aw ge-nandawaabamag. 'I didn't know what sort of stone I was looking for.' (MK)

- "Mii ezhi-gwiinawi-mikwenimag awenen a'aw," ikido. 'I couldn't think of who that was," she said.' (MK)

- Mii iidog i'iw gaa-inendamowaad ingiw anishinaabeg, maajiiba'idiwaad giiwenh ingiw ininiwag miinawaa go aanind ikwewag, awenenan iniw. 'That's what the Indians were thinking about, so the men and some women start running (to find out) who he is.' (MK)

- Miish iiw izhi-basangwaabiwaad miinawaa wii-waabamaawaad awenenan iniw gaa-izhi-gwiinawaabamaawaad. 'They wanted to see who they were, but when they blinked their eyes, they disappeared from view.' (MK)

- Wegonen mayaajiiging imaa biinji-minjikan? 'What is growing inside the fence?' (WI)

- Wegonen dash? 'Why?' (JC)

- Wegonen wenji-mawiyan? 'Why are you crying?' (JC67)

- Wegonen dash waa-ayaaman o-dibishkaayan? 'What would you like for your birthday?' (JC)