Instructions for downloading and installing CSX+ and Times-Normyn fonts For the Macintosh

1. Depress the "option" key while clicking on the desired font listed at the top of the page. Click on, for example, CSX+Courier and your computer will start to download this font in compressed format that will list the name of the font followed by a code, such as .sit.bin, or sea.bin, indicating that the file has been compressed.

2. After your computer has downloaded the font file, which should take between one and two minutes, it must be decompressed using an "expander" such as StuffIt Expander, which is freeware and can be dowloaded from Aladdin StuffIt Expander.

3. Once the font file has been expanded, click on the new folder that is created, which lists the name of the font that you have downloaded. Inside that folder will be the fonts and associated informational documents, such as information on proprietary rights, etc. These informational documents often appear as simple text. Please read these before installing the fonts.

4. Within newly created folder, open the individual folders that list the font components. Drag and drop them into your Font folder (note: it may be possible to drag and drop a whole folder but I have had problems doing this before, so it may be best to drag and drop them individually), which is located in the System folder. The System folder appears on your hard drive and also often appears as one of the Apple Menu Items.

5. If you have applications running when you install the fonts, you must quit and restart them in order to be able to use the newly-installed fonts. To use the newly-installed font, simply choose it from among the fonts listed in your word processing software.

Last Modified: 11/13/02
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