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THAI COURSE, BOOK 1 by J. Marvin Brown (American University Alumni Association Language Center, Bangkok, Thailand, 1968 ; Digitally remastered from original recordings by the Language Resource Center Cornell University, 2004)

University of Wisconsin - Madison Rev: August 15, 2005
Learning Support Services
Room 259
Set Call Number: TH1.002

TYPE OF PROGRAM: Thai language

ACCESSION DATE: originally October 21, 1978 ; remastered CDs August 2005

DESCRIPTION: Purchased form the Language Lab at Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.; text available from the Southeast Asia Program at Cornell. Includes recordings for lessons 1-18 (Book 1); lessons 5, 10 and 15 are review lessons. Typically, there are 8 tape segments for each 5 lessons: 4 regular lesson segments and 4 review segments. Included are: lessons 1-18 (regular lesson exercises); review lessons (1st and 2nd reviews: the 2nd review may include new vocabulary); "extra tapes" for students wanting extra practice on specialized topics: "less than half of the consonant and vowel tapes, e.g., will be of use to any given student; word practice tapes are intended more in the way of a diversion than a way of learning Thai." Intended for FAST practice: the Thai voices speak at normal speed...spaces for repitition are short. Use without books, whenever possible, especially the reviews, where items, often do not correspond with the book. (Dialogs and some drills cannot be done without books, even in the reviews.)

AUDIENCE: Beginning students of Thai language

FORMAT: Originally audiocassette ; August 2005 available on the web

CD 1:
Introduction thru 4.7 p.45

CD 2:
2.3 p.17 thru 7.9 p.77 ; XC-Section 5: Consonants c and ch

CD 3:
6.3 p.59 thru 9.7 p.99

CD 4:
10.b Narrative, p.105 thru 13.8 Numbers p.147 ; XT-Section 3: Mid and Low Tones

CD 5:
14.1 Vocabulary and Expansions, p.151 thru 16.9 Conversation B, p.179

CD 6:
17.1 Vocabulary and Expansions, p.183 thru 19.9 Conversation B, p.225 ; XW20 Section 1-2

CD 7:
18.3 Dialog, p.201 thru 20.c Dialog, p.233

TH1.002 Thai Course, Book 1

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CD 1


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