How to Subscribe to a Podcast Using iTunes

1. Open iTunes

2. Left click on the button labeled “XML” to the left of the link you are trying to subscribe to on the Digital Learning Lab.

3. Highlight and copy the address of this page located in the ‘address’ bar of your web browser. This URL is your XML feed.

4. Click on the “Advanced” menu, then select “Subscribe to Podcast”

5. Paste the web address you copied earlier in the box that appears and then click “OK”

6. Enter the username and password given to you by your professor.

7. Click the arrowhead under “Podcast” to expand and compact the directory.



8. To download more files from that Podcast, first expand the directory, then click “GET” next to the specific file.

9. The files you downloaded will also be saved in your iTunes library. Feel free to add these to your iPod.