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Conversational Hindi-Urdu, Vol 2. by John Gumperz et al (Radhakrishna Prakashan, Delhi, 6, India, 1967)

UW-Madison Learning Support Services
Van Hise Hall - Room 279

TYPE OF PROGRAM: Hindi Language Instruction
DESCRIPTION: Purchased from the Univ. of California at Berkeley.
AUDIENCE: students of Hindi
NOTE: The lesson numbers given on the tape are for the Romanizes edition of the text. The lesson and page numbers given in this guide are for the DEVANAGARI edition.

The Devanagari edition was prepared by Ripley Moore and S.M. Jaiswal.

TYPE OF DRILL: each sentence in the conversation is read once; then words and phrases are given, until the entire sentence is "built-up" again. There is a pause for the student to repeat after each word, phrase or sentence. The conversation is not read as a complete entity on any part of the tape.

HI 2.001

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HI 2.001

HI2.001.001 Unit 5, part a
(Kashi, Vishwanath Gali, Banaras City, Uttar Pradesh) (21:54)
HI2.001.002 Unit 5, part b (with friends in Hazrat Ganj, Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh)(30:35)
HI2.001.003 Unit 6, part a (about a bus jouney: telephone conversation in New Delhi)(23:00)
HI2.001.004 Unit 6, part b (telephone conversation in Delhi about a trip in the country)(23:50)
HI2.001.005 Unit 7, part a (talking with travelers: Patna, trip on a Ganges steamer)(23:40)
HI2.001.006 Unit 7, part b (talking with travelers: Patna, ride on a stemear)(26:50)
HI2.001.007 Unit 8, part a (Allahabad, in the home of a Hindu friend)(28:05)
HI2.001.008 Unit 8, part b (At the home of a Muslim friend in one part of Aligarh)(30:45)
HI2.001.009 Unit 9, part a (Seeing old acquaintances: a village in Saharanpur District )(19:40)
HI2.001.010 Unit 9, part b (A day of vacation: Nainital, in the mountains)(30:30)
HI2.001.011 Unit 10, part a (Getting acquainted with the operation of Sapru House, New Delhi Sapru House)(28:45)
HI2.001.012 Unit 10, part b (With a village level worker in a village development block)(28:20)

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