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Basic Hindi - Urdu: Singh and Robinson (©UW Board of Regents, 1985)

HI 1.012

BASIC HINDI - URDU: Singh and Robinson 1985
TYPE OF PROGRAM: Hindi - Urdu language instruction
DESCRIPTION: Recorded in LRI studio by Margy Robinson to accompany text
FORMAT: Open reel; transferred to audiocassettes 1988


HI1.012 Basic Hindi-Urdu

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HI 1.012.001 - Alphabet (pages 6,8,10)
HI 1.012.002 - Pronunciation exercises (pages 11-14)
HI 1.012.003 - Beginning Dialogs (pages 18-21)
HI 1.012.004 - Past of Hona; with build-up drills (page 55)
HI 1.012.005 - Present Habitual Dialogs (pages 66-68)
HI 1.012.006 - Present Habitual Dialogs (pages 60,64,65)
HI 1.012.007 - Past Habitual Dialogs (pages 75-76)
HI 1.012.008a- Past perfect part 1 (page 137)
HI 1.012.008b - Past perfect part 2 (page 136)
HI 1.012.009- Urdu words Vocabulary (page 1)
HI 1.012.010 - Letter: KAR construction (page 113)
Slow version of HI1.012.008 (a & b)

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