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Hausa Dictations; Neil Skinner and Bala Muhammad (UW, 1973)

Type of Program: Hausa language instruction

Call Number: HA1.012

Description: Script prepared by Neil Skinner. Intended to be used in conjunction with the tape set, HA1.011 (Hausa First Year Course). Each dictation is read three times: first, slowly without pauses, for listening only; second, a phrase at a time, with pauses for the student to write what he hears; and, third, somewhat more rapidly, without pauses, to check what has been written.

Audience: Beginning students of Hausa

Original Format: Two reels, half track, side A only, 7.5 ips

HA1.012 Hausa Dictations

Copyright, 1972 University of Wisconsin Board of Regents. All rights reserved.

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Dictations, part 1

Dictations, part 2

Tapescript, page 1 (.jpg)

Tapescript, page 2 (.jpg)

Tapescript, page 3 (.jpg)

Tapescript, page 4 (.jpg)

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