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Autour de la littérature, 4th edition, Schofer & Rice, Heinle & Heinle, 1999.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Learning Support Services
Room 259

Set Call Number: FR2.132

Autour de la littérature, 4/e, Student text (Heinle & Heinle, 1999)

ACCESSION DATE: October 2001
DESCRIPTION: Audio to accompany text.
AUDIENCE: intermediate French
FORMAT: 1 CD/audiocassette


1. Le bonbon FR2.132
2. Le message
3. Page d/ecriture
4. Tu t'demandes
5. L' deserteur
6. Les croissants
7.Chanson d'automne
8. Demain des l'aube
9. Appel aux Francas
10. L'invitation au voyage
11. Le maitre
12. Le guichet
13 Amour
14. Pique-nique en campagne
15. Le Pont Mirabeau
16. Roman

FR2.132 Autour de la littérature

Materials from Autour de la littérature displayed with special permission of Heinle and Heinle. All rights reserved.
This material is to be used in conjunction with Autour de la littérature published by Heinle & Heinle, a devision of Thomson Learning. All images with the thomson Learning logo are used with the permission of Thomson Learning. They may not be copied, scanned, cut, pasted, altered, revised, modified, or adapted in any way without prior permission of Thomson Learning.

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Le bonbon

Le message

Page d'écriture

Tu t'demandes

Le déserteur

Les croissants

Chanson d'automne

Demain des l'aube

Appel aux Français

L'invitation au voyage

Le maître

Le guichet


Pique-nique en campagne

Le Pont Mirabeau


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