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Bemba Drills (from "Bemba Introductory Course" by Irvine Richardson of Michigan State University)

The texts were compiled by Professor Mubanga E. Kashoki, then a graduate student at MSU, and edited by the late Prof. Irvine Richardson. Covers material from Units 1, 2 and Lesson 1 of Unit 3 of the text. Recorded at the University of Wisconsin Language Lab recording studio for use during the African Language Summer Institute, 1972. Recording voices: Fidelis Kasonde Kasonde of Mporokoso, Zambia; English introductions and directions by Prof. Richardson.

AUDIENCE: Beginning Bemba speakers.


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BE1.002. Bemba Introductory Course

Unit 1-Lesson 1
Tonal Drills-Exercise a
Tonal Drills-Exercise b
Drill 2- Pronunciation
Drill 3- Question/Answer
Drill 4- Substitution Drill
Drill 5- Negative answers to questions

Bemba Drills Unit 1-Lesson 1,page 7
Translation Drill #6
Bemba Drills Unit 1-Lesson 2,page 10
# 1 Pronunciation Drill
# 2 Pronoun Substitution Drill
# 3 Singular/Plural Sentence Drill

Bemba Drills Unit 1-Lesson 2, page 12
# 4 Tense Substitution Drill
# 5 Translation Drill

Bemba Drills Unit 1-Lesson 3, page 16
Exercise # 1-Pronunciation Drill
Exercise # 2-Intonation Drill, Question/Answer
Exercise # 3-Singular/Plural Sentence Drill
Exercise # 4-Substitution Drill, Present tense of vb "to be"
Exercise # 5-Substitution Drill, Substitution of Nominals

Bemba Drills Unit 1-Lesson 3, page 18
Exercise # 6-Singular/Plural Sentence Drill
Exercise # 7-Translation Drill
Bemba Drills Unit 1-Lesson 4, page 23
Exercise # 1-Pronunciation Drill
Exercise # 2-Substitution Drill, Substitution of Prefixes
Exercise # 3-The Use of pa-,ku-, or mu- in answering questions

Bemba Drills Unit 1-Lesson 4,
Exercise # 4,page 24-Plural/Singular Sentence Drill
Exercise # 5,page 24-Translation Drill

Bemba Drills Unit 1-Lesson 5
Exercise # 1,page 29-Pronunciation Drill
Exercise # 2,page 29-Exclamatory sentences using ubuingi
Exercise # 3-Pronoun Substitution Drill, page 29
Exercise # 4,page 30-Simple Commands- Changing singular to plural forms
Exerxise # 5,page 30-Object Substitution Drill

Bemba Drills Unit 1-Lesson 5
Exercise # 6,page 31-Object Pronominal Substitute
Exercise # 7,page 31-Translation Drill

Bemba Drills Unit 2-Lesson 1
Exercise # 1,page 35-Pronunciation Drill
Exercise # 2,page 35-The Use of na-
Exercise # 3,page 36-Tense Substitution

Bemba Drills Unit 2-Lesson 1
Exercise # 4,page 37-Question/Answer Drill
Exercise # 5,page 38-Translation Drill

Bemba Drills Unit 2-Lesson 2
Exercise # 1,page 42-Pronunciation Drill
Exercise # 2,page 42-Translation Drill
Exercise # 3,page 43-Pronoun Substitution Drill

Bemba Drills Unit 2-Lesson 2
Exercise # 4,page 44-Question/Answer Drill
Exercise # 5,page 45-Adjective Substitution Drill
Exercise # 6,page 46-Translation Drill

Bemba Drills Unit 2-Lesson 3
Exercise # 1,page 50-Pronunciation Drill
Exercise # 2,page 50-Numeral Substitution
Exercise # 3,page 51-Object Substitutes
Exercise # 4,page 51-Object Substitutes of classes 1-2

Bemba Drills Unit 2-Lesson 3
Exercise # 5,page 52-Object Substitutes in Imperative Constructions
Exercise # 6,page 52-Translation Drill

Bemba Drills Unit 2-Lesson 4
Exercise # 1,page 56-Pronunciation Drill
Exercise # 2,page 57-Question/Answer Drill

Bemba Drills Unit 2-Lesson 4
Exercise # 3,page 57-Change the Following Statements into Questions
Exercise # 4,page 58-The Use of Habitual Tense
Exercise # 5,page 58-Translation Drill

Bemba Drills Unit 2-Lesson 5
Exercise # 1,page 62-Pronunciation Drill
Exercise # 2,page 63-Simple Relative Clauses
Exercise # 3,page 63-Selective Stable Construction
Exercise # 4,page 64-Question/Answer Drill

Bemba Drills Unit 2-Lesson 5
Exercise # 5,page 65-"Useful Retorts"
Exercise # 6,page 66-Drills for the Selective Stable Relative Construction
Exercise # 7,page 67-Question/Answer Drill

Bemba Drills Unit 3-Lesson 1
Exercise # 1,page 71-Pronunciation Drill
Exercise # 2,page 71-Tense Substitution Drill
Exercise # 3,page 71-Question/Answer Drill
Exercise # 4,page 72-Numeral Drill (Concordance)

Bemba Drills Unit 3-Lesson 1
Exercise # 5,page 73-Numeral Substitution
Exercise # 6,page 74 Translation Drill

Test Tape - Bemba Dictation and Comprehensive Test
1) Read at normal speed: listen
2) Each sentence will be read slowly twice: transcribe
3) Read again at normal speed: check your transcription
Ten questions based on the dictation
Each question will be read twice. Record your answer on the tape
The same ten questions are read again at normal speed

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