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Bemba Dialogs (from "Bemba Introductory Course" by Irvine Richardson of Michigan State University)

University of Wisconsin - Madison Rev: January 20, 2004
Learning Support Services
Room 259
Set Call Number: BE1.001-AC

BEMBA DIALOGS (from "Bemba Introductory Course" by Irvine Richardson of Michigan State

TYPE OF PROGRAM: Introductory Bemba


DESCRIPTION: Covers material from The Dialogs and Conversations from Units 1-3 of the text.
These tapes were sent to the University of Wisconsin by Professor Richardson,
for use during the African Languages Summer Institute, 1972. RECORDING
VOICE: Mubanga E. Kashoki and a friend, both from Zambia. All of the
dialogues and conversations are read as follows: A) Each sentence is read
slowly, twice, with pauses for student repetition. B) Then, the entire dialogue
or conversation is read through at normal speed, for listening comprehension.

AUDIENCE: Beginning speakers of Bemba

FORMAT: Audiocassette

BE1.001 Bemba Dialogs

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Units 1 | 2 | 3 |

Unit 1: At School: Paisukulu
Lesson 1: In a Classroom: Muisukula
1-3 Basic Dialogs

Lesson 2: Enter Professor: Kafundisya Aayingila
8-9 Basic Dialogs

Lesson 3: Mubanga & Mulenga outside: Mubanga Namulenga Panse

Lesson 4: On Their way to the Bookstore: Baleeya Kuistoolo
20-21 Basic Dialog
21 Conversation

Lesson 5: At the Bookstore: Baafika Kuistitoolo
26-26a Basic Dialog
27 Conversation

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Unit 2 Football Game: Umupila
Lesson 1: Mulenga & Mubanga back at the house: Mulenga
Namubaanga Baabwelela Kunganda
32-34 Basic Dialog
34 Conversation

Lesson 2: On Tuesday: Palicibili
39-40 Basic Dialog
40-41 Conversation

Lesson 3: On Wednesday: Palicitau
47-48 Basic Dialog
48-49 Conversation

Lesson 4: On Thursday morning: Palicine Uluceelo
54-55 Basic Dialog
55 Conversation

Lesson 5: On Friday night: Palicisaano Ubusiku
60-61 Basic Dialog
61 Conversation

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Unit 3 On Vacation: Pakutuusya
Lesson 1: During Examinations: Amasindano
68-69 Basic Dialog
69-70 Conversation

Lesson 2: Departure from School: Baayima
75-76 Basic Dialog

Lesson 3: They arrive home: Baafika Kumusi
82-83 Basic Dialog
83 Conversation

Lesson 4: Village Pursuits: ifyo Baacita Mumusi
88-89 Basic Dialog
89 Conversation

Lesson 5: Returning to school: Baabwelela Kuisukulu
95-96 Basic Dialog
96 Conversation

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